for Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2019

The Ask: To transform the Gallery I of Arts House into a festival lounge for the patrons of SIFA 2019.

The Challenge: To turn a bare gallery into a fully immersive social space without disrupting the building; a national monument and one of the oldest colonial building in the country.

The Works: The last thing a visitor would expect in a colonial heritage building is probably a jungle. With the thought of inviting visitors to explore the ‘wild unknown’, we created our own corridor and enveloped the space with our own claddings to protect its historic interior.

Creating SIFA’s very own manhattan-styled bar amidst dense and tangled foliage, we completely transformed the gallery transporting patrons to a bar lost to space and time.

What We Did

  • Spatial Planning
  • Experience Design
  • Carpentry & Fabrications
  • Decor & Styling