Klook Convenience

at Shilin Night Market

Convenience stores are aplenty throughout Taiwan. What could be a better way to make a statement at the Taiwanese-themed market?

We were tasked by Klook – a popular travel booking app – to showcase its travel services and offerings at the massively attended Shilin Night Market (held at Kranji Turf Club) over 2 weekends.

In many ways, Klook is similar to a convenience store:

  • It is 24/7 available,
  • you can find a wide range of travel products and services, (iii) you can find it all over the world (in 56 countries)
  • it can always save a traveller at the very last minute

We spared no effort in making sure the message is loud and clear. We reimagined Klook’s Taiwan travel offerings as typical convenience store products to the delight of many.


  • Ideation & Conceptualisation
  • Graphic Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Prop Creation
  • Carpentry Works