Client: Alliance Française de Singapour

PHOTO CREDIT:  Arron Teo: Art//Photography 

Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993) was a revolutionary dancer who changed the world of ballet through his dancing, choreography, and spirit.

Rudolf Nureyev has left a legendary legacy on the dance stage. Yet behind each iconic milestone were countless unseen hours locked in the practice room before a mirror. Spending more time alone with his reflection than anyone else, Rudolf perfected his movements and gave the modern world a dancer they couldn’t refuse. But it was also in these moments of reflection where he had to face his darkest fears and doubts.

Could we also use the mirror to evoke the dualities he embraced? 

Exhibition ran from 15 July to 15 September 2021


  • Conceptualisation & Creative Direction
  • Experience Design
  • Carpentry Works
  • Production